• Natural composition
  • Comprehensive health improving effect
  • Guaranteed result


Charcoal Supplement for sugar lovers who dream of shedding fat

  • Absorbs fat, turning it into energy
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Suppresses appetite and gives energy
  • Removes excess liquid from the body
  • Produces dopamine (the hormone of happiness)
Guaranteed result at any age

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Fit&Sleep is a delicious energy-giving secret to celeb's slim bodies

The most popular slimming product among the world's biggest stars!

Specialist Synthia, consultant on healthy dieting Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock recommend to drink charcoal Supplement intead of snacks and/or a meal for quick weight loss. It stimulates metabolism, gives energy for a fulfilling life, and is beneficial for the figure. Replace meals with it for no longer than a month. This period should be enough to achieve impressive results.


Americal scientists finally found a simple and convenient method to lose weight without changing lifestyle. They developed a formula for the drink Fit&Sleep , with a flavour which does not differ from well-liked Supplement but containing activated charcoal which actively absorbs fat and breaks it down, removing all toxins from the body. Excess weight goes, but breast size does not reduce. Fit&Sleep accelerates metabolism and abates appetite which allows to gradually lose kilos every week without extra physical exercises or food limitations.

High quality composition, thanks to which you will lose weight fast and safe!

  • Activated charcoal

    Prevents the absorption of 80% of fat from arriving food and its accumulation in the body; provides a safe breakdown, processing and removal of old fat deposits and toxic substances.

  • Coconut milk

    Stimulates faster metabolism. Launches the process of 'self-cleansing' in the body, which is an active processing of old inner fat accumulated in the area of sides and belly.


    Breaks down and removes surplus of subcutaneous fat, together with signs of cellulitis; fights skin sagginess and helps achieve a fit body after a big weight loss.

  • Omega-3

    Increases the level of leptin, the hormone responsible for the speed of fat breakdown in the body. It is important that our body cannot produce Omega-3 but can only receive it externally.

How to take Fit&Sleep?

  • Add a spoonful of Fit&Sleep in a glass or a cup of hot water

  • Take 1 serving a day. For maximal assimilation it is recommended to take the drink during breakfast.


  • Transforms fat into energy, gives vitality
  • Reduces appetite and quenches hunger
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Cleanses the body from toxins and excess liquid
  • Produces dopamine (the hormone of happiness)


  • Day 1

    You notice that you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and rested

  • Day 5

    Your body works in a slimming mode, you are starting to lose fat

  • Day 10

    You are cheerful, you have lost some weight, you wear clothes 1 size smaller

  • Day 21

    Your body is rejuventated, body mass is reduced, extra kilos are gone

  • Day 28

    You lost a lot of weight, you wear sexy clothes a few sizes smaller, everyone is crazy about you!


  • USA

  • Israel

  • England

  • Interdepartmental Coordination Council on Nutrition Problems at the National Academy of Sciences

The study involved 900 people having 10 - 40 kg of excess weight

  • Volume reduction by 11-16 cm

  • Weight loss 8-16 kg

  • Disappearance of heartburn and heaviness in the stomach

  • Better sleep and increased job performance

  • Reduction of edema and manifestations of cellulite


World Health Organization

All stages of testing are confirmed by specialists

of the World Health Organization

With Fit&Sleep, there is only one step FROM THE DREAM TO THE RESULT! Some of the 2350 stories of our customers

  • I competely renewed my wardrobe, but most importantly, I got a new boyfriend!

    Pauline 30 years old, Maynila

    I’m just 30, but my weight exceeded 80 kg recently. Strict diets were out of the question because I have stomach issues. Also, it’s impossible to find high-quality and cheap diet products in my small town and I’ve never done sports, I simply don’t like it. But everything changed when I learned about Black Latte. It’s a special instant drink that tastes like my favorite latte. It should be taken once a day. Also, the instruction recommends to drink no less than 1,5 liters of water daily. I carefully followed all recommendations and the results met my expectations! It’s incredible. I’ve changed all my clothes. But the main point is that my life changed dramatically – I’ve finally found a boyfriend. Flowers, romantic walks, gifts and surprises. I’ve never thought my life can be like that. I’m seriously thinking about taking Black Latte again to make the results last.

  • 'I can fit into the jeans which I used to wear before the first pregnancy!

    Cindy 30 yo,Quezon City

    I couldn’t get in shape after giving birth for the third time. My droopy belly and fat thighs annoyed me most of all. It made me very depressed, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I need hardly say that a mom of three has little free time – sometimes I even have no time to comb my hair, let alone doing sports. Also, I still breastfeed my youngest son. So it’s really hard to choose a proper diet in my case. One day, my neighbor told me that her niece lost weight with the help of Black Latte after she gave birth. The instruction says that this drink helps to lose weight safely, without damaging your health. To be honest, I could hardly believe it. How can one lose weight just with the help of drinking one cup of Black Latter daily? It felt suspicious: no efforts needed, just drink latte and lose weight. But I learned about the formula (by the way, it’s all-natural) and read the reviews. I decided that it wouldn’t be any worse. I had a cup of aromatic and tasty Black Latte every morning. Within a week, I saw the first changes in my body – I had more energy and my sleep improved. 2 weeks later, I stepped on the scales and couldn’t believe my eyes – I lost several kilos! I got in great shape within several weeks and even managed to fit into the jeans that I wore before the first pregnancy. My husband began to pay more attention to me and our love life improved. It feels like we’ll have the fourth baby soon. But I’m not afraid of pregnancy and giving birth anymore because I know how to get in great shape fast and easily.

  • 'Scale can't be deceived: minus 18 kilos!'

    Sheena, 34 yo, Dabaw

    Until I reached 27, I was actively engaged in shaping, I looked quite good and fit. But years and hormonal changes took their toll anyway. I didn't have any strength and will power left for sport and dieting. I had to renew my wardrobe, bought clothes a size bigger. Then one more size bigger...It all could lead to yet another size gain when my friend brought me a soluble drink Black Latte and told to drink it daily. She also recommended drinking more water. I didn't really believe in result. Imagine my surprise when a month later I managed to fit into my old clothing! Moreover, I feel vigorous and full of energy! My skin looks way younger. I don't know if it is the job of Black Latte or just a coincidence, but scale can't be deceived! Plus, I think I grew 10 years younger!

  • I got back into my pre-pregnancy shape in a month.

    Jenelle, 26 yo, Cebu

    I had excess weight and fat creases after giving birth. Moreover, the joy of motherhood came together with varicose veins. So, the path to the gym closed for me. But how could I drop extra weight without exercising? I'm eating heathy, it doesn't help. I almost put up with the way I look but I accidently overheard mothers on the playground talking about a soluble charcoal drink with Latte flavour. To be exact, they discussed that it could be yet another sham, who would believe that one cup of latte a day and no efforts could help get rid of sagging sides. Long story short, I decided to try it despite everything. I didn't regret it for one sec! I got back into my pre-pregnancy shape in a month. Now I ordered another package, I'll keep improving the result. Mothers watch me changing with suspicion, they don't believe that this is Black Latte. But I have a hunch that each of them has already ordered it too.


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There is nothing more delicious than losing weight with a charcoal Supplement

Help your body get rid of extra kilograms!

Discount up to 50%

3900 PHP 1950 PHP
  • Absorbs fat turning it into energy
  • Removes waste and toxins from the body
  • Suppresses appetite and gives energy
  • Removes excess liquid from the body
  • Produces dopamine (the hormone of happiness)
This is a dietary product. Not a medicine.
  • Natural
  • Comprehensive health improving effect

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